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Story Boards of 2023

"Wake up Zero!"
Action, Comedy, Personal Work

A simple story board for a personal comic/ T.V. show I created about a team of heroes fighting demons all around the world.

This is a small premise I had for a episode in which the team is trying to wake up the main character nick named Zero.


"RvB Griff leaves"
Drama, Character piece, Personal Work

Based off the Halo fan series this is a story board and animatic set to the audio of the scene where Griff leaves his team of pals and allies.

This segment come from Red V Blue Season 15 Episode 6


Animatic on Youtube.

"Zach and Mike fight a Dragon"
Action, Comedy, Personal Work

Taken from the "Mike burn Fire" youtube channel while they were playing skyrim.

Taken from episode: Skyrim-Hail, wyvern born


Animatic on Youtube.