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     About ME


HI! it's nice to meet you. My name is Eric Rose and if your looking for an artist I'm here to help you out. But if you need some more information about me just keep scrolling!

When working with me you'll be able to fine me very easily because I kinda have a signature look. Orange shirt, white scarf, baggy blue jeans and one wicked head of hair.


Now, I have lived in Colorado all my life and I have started many projects and even begun my career home grown all on my own. So I got a bit of a rustic, country vibe along side a metro style personality.

That's what probably shaped me into an artist at the very beginning when I was a kid and why I have stuck with art ever since.

ERIC-POSTER-High School.jpg

But, I started having a true passion for it once I got in high school making comics for my friends and in a few instances I actually made comics for my teachers and classes for extra credit.

From there it just made sense to go to college and get a Bachelors in media Arts and animation. From there I was ready to find the perfect art job that allowed me to both express myself and evolve my craft.


I did have a few art jobs based around teaching but, they really didn't let me go all out with my art like i wanted to. While mainly teaching kids to draw was fun i could never do that all the time.


So, now I'm doing what I can to learn more and be better at art to get a job that best suits my passion for the profession. While allowing me to change and see what kinds of art or art styles I can experiment with.

ERIC-POSTER-Selfie-rick and morty.jpg
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